Water-based stains



Wax-stain is an emulsion of natural waxes in water with aqueous ammonia as emulsifying agent. With the exception of Wachsbeize R121 Farblos all other colours contain natural mineral colours and partly dye extracts. This positive stain gives velvety and satin matt surface to coniferous wood and is perfectly suitable for finishing carvings, souvenirs, wooden ceiling, decorations and alpine style furniture. All shades are intermixable. Use Schutzwachs MWF or Schutzwachs Super 85 as topcoat. It is not suitable for application on furniture exposed to high chemical and mechanical stress.


Wachsbeize Color



Positiv Holzeffekt Beize

This positive effect wood stain contains natural and synthetic dyestuffs and is designed for coniferous wood. Stabilizing anti-fading agents and especially effect-enhancing additives produce an impressive positive stain effect. The positive effect is revealed during the drying process and the final colour appears only after overcoating. All shades are intermixable.


Natureffekt PS Beize

Coniferous wood stain with dyestuffs and reactants for a clear positive effect of naturally aged woods. The positive effect is revealed during the drying process. The final colour appears only after overcoating. All shades are intermixable.


Aqua Rustikal Beize

Special stain with pigments and dyestuffs, which emphasise particularly the nature of coarse-grain hardwood and give a rustic look to surfaces. All shades are intermixable.

Edelholz Beize

A combination of dyes and special additives for a perfect wood surface with brilliant colours. This stain is especially designed for precious woods like mahogany, cherry and walnut. All shades are intermixable.


A combination of dyestuffs and additives to enhance the wood texture. KKB Beize can be applied to all common hardwoods like e.g. oak, beech or ash. All shades are intermixable.


RoAqua Laubholzbeize

Special stain with levelling effect for hardwoods. Natural and synthetic dyes combined with additives and stabilized with anti-fading agents. All shades are intermixable.



This stain is a suspension of micronized pigments and additives, which facilitate the special wetting and penetration in blond hardwoods and softwoods. Pigmentbeize has a highly covering and levelling effect. Can also be used to stain deals and parquet flooring. All shades are intermixable.


Metallic Beize

Special stain with metallic effect combined with lightfast micronized pigments to create impressive surfaces on furniture and interior fittings. Especially suitable for coarse-grain woods like ash and oak. All shades are intermixable.


RoAqua Tönkonzentrat F -Discontinued item-

Highly concentrated dyestuff to adjust the shade of Rosner water-based stains. Maximum concentration: 10 %


Aqua Kalkpaste weiß

Dispersion of white pigments and binders in a mixture of water and alcohol. The material remains in the pores or grains of coarse-grain hardwoods or textured softwoods due to the special adjustment.