Pigmented paints


HydRo Color

Water-based coloured 1K or 2K paint for open- or closed-grain surfaces. Can be applied to MDF-boards coated with HydRo Füller 1K/2K as well as on coarse-grain wood surfaces and common exotic woods. Applied as 2K lacquer, a higher chemical and mechanical resistance can be achieved. NMP-free.
MR: 10 : 1 with HydRo Härter

RoAqua Strichlack

Dispersion-based 1K lacquer to create a dragged paint effect for an individual design of special furniture surfaces. The high viscosity allows patterning the topcoat by dragging a long-bristled brush over the already primed or with RoCyl Color /HydRo Color coated surface. NMP-free.