Nr. 20

Thinner for 2K PUR varnishes.

Nr. 25 (Verzögerer)

Used as drying retarder for 2K PUR varnishes or as thinner to adjust 2K PUR lacquers for curtain coating.

Nr. 2

Universal thinner for all Rosner nitro-, nitro-combiand acid-curing lacquers.

Verdünnung Nr. 3
(Verzögerer) -Discontinued item-

Universal thinner for all 1K lacquers to avoid blushing caused by high air humidity.

Verdünnung Nr. 9 -Discontinued item-

Special solvent mixture that is used to better spread POLIROL during the polishing process.

Verdünnung Nr. 10

Special thinner for shellac products.

Verdünnung Nr. 60

Can be used for wet sanding during the polishing process of Rosner PU- or DD-varnishes as well as for lightening or wiping Antik Wischbeize and Antik Spritzbeize.


Thinner for Polyesterdecklack and Polyestergrundierung.

Waschlöser Nr. 52

Thinner that can be used to clean equipment or to deresinify woods rich in active substances as well as to remove old Rosner nitro-, nitro-combi- and acid-curing coatings. 


To be used for cleaning brushes, tools and spraying equipment.


Can be used for cleaning tools and spraying equipment.