Solvent-based stains


LM Spritzbeize

This spray stain is a combination of dyes and additives in organic solvent and provides a levelling effect on deciduous and coniferous woods. A short drying time makes it perfect for economic application.

Rustikal Lackbeize

Special stain with pigments and dyes, which are enhancing particularly the character of coarse-grain hardwoods and give a rustic look. All shades are intermixable.

Antik Wischbeize

Antik Wischbeize is a combination of special oils and light-fast pigments in solvent to achieve surfaces with antique effect. Antik Wischbeize is applied by brush or cloth to the stained, with solvent-based Rosner 2K varnish primed and sanded surface. The desired effect can be achieved by wiping with a soft cloth and Rosner Verdünnung Nr. 60.


Antik Spritzbeize

Antik Spritzbeize is a sprayable combination of light-fast dyes and additives to achieve surfaces with antique effect. Antik Spritzbeize is applied on the stained, with solvent-based Rosner 2K lacquer primed and sanded surface. If desired, an antique appearance can be created by wiping with Verdünnung Nr. 60 or Antik Spritzbeize farblos.


LM Tönkonzentrat F -Discontinued item-

Solution of dyes in organic solvents that allows adjusting the colours of solvent-based lacquers or stains.
Maximum concentration: 10 %



Patina is a solution of dyes with good light fastness in organic solvents and a special binder to patinate already primed or stained wood surfaces and profiles. It can also be used for 1K or 2K lacquers. Suitable for colour adjustments with levelling effect.


Pro Mix® Stain
WLF Beizen Tönkonzentrat

Colour concentrate to adjust the colour of water-based and solvent-based stains.
Max. addition: 5 %