DuoCryl Isoliergrund transparent

2K PUR primer with very good barrier effects against wood components and with excellent UV resistance. Its low viscosity allows the product to penetrate quickly and completely into the wood. Fast drying and sanding.
Overcoatable with all 2K PUR paints.
MR: 4 : 1 with DuoCryl Härter

PUR Isoliergrund weiß

2K-PUR filler with very high solids content for insulating chipboards and MDF-boards.
MR: 2 : 1 by volume with DD-Härter 40
MR: 3 : 1 by weight with DD-Härter 40

Isolierfüller Rapid

The pigmented 2K PUR express filler provides a very fast drying, high filling power and very good insulating effects. Thanks to its perfect gloss retention, it is ideal for coloured high-gloss surfaces. Difficult to ignite according to DIN 4102-B1.
MR: 10 : 1 by volume with DuoCryl Härter
MR: 16 : 1 by weight with DuoCryl Härter


This high-quality transparent 2K polyurethane primer with outstanding filling properties, high vertical stability and excellent sanding properties has been especially developed to achieve closedgrain surfaces, which are right to be coated with Rosner 2K PUR high-gloss lacquers. Suitable for high-quality refinement of woods used in upscale furniture construction and interior fitting.
MR: 4 : 1 with DuoCryl Härter

Polyestergrundierung weiß

2K polyester primer provides high filling properties, outstanding insulating effect and excellent sandability. The Polyestergrundierung weiß serves as primer for coating systems similar to flatting varnish. It can also be used to level out irregularities and sanding marks.
MR: 10 : 1 by weight with PE Härter