To prevent pin holing on wood surfaces, which are contaminated with oil or silicone residues.
MR: 1 – 2 % to base lacquer

Ausgleich-Lösung (Egalisator)
-Discontinued item-

The solution of active substances is used to compensate colour deviations of stained surfaces caused by wood having twisted fibres and burls or book-matched veneer pairs.

-Discontinued item-

Removes the milky-coloured, greyish film on surfaces coated with nitrocellulose, nitro-combi or acid-hardening lacquers.


Additive to create effect coatings for furniture and interior fittings. Rosner Velourzusatz gives a coarse to fine texture to surfaces and can be combined with all solvent-based Rosner paint systems.

RoCryl Lichtschutzadditiv

For higher lightfastness of solventbased coatings.
MR: 5 – 10 % to the base coat


Colourless 1K adhesion promoter for glass surfaces. Changes the polarity of the glass surface and thus improves the adhesion of subsequent coatings with Rosner 2K-PUR-paints to glass surfaces.